Is Texas back yet?

For Texas Football to truly be back, we must maintain ten wins each season. Let’s see if we can reach that criteria. This is pure science, so share with any mininformed colleagues.

Not really.

Do your part to bring football back to normal.

Wear a mask, social distance, and get vaccinated when possible. Don’t make exceptions around family and friends. We can collectively help our neighbors, including Texas Football. Check out this chart from MIT to assess the risk of different activities.

football stadium
  • UTEPW 59-3
  • Texas TechW 63-56
  • TCUL 31-33
  • OklahomaL 45-53
  • BaylorW 27-16
  • Oklahoma StateW 41-34
  • West VirginiaW 17-13
  • Iowa StateL 20-23
  • Kansas StateW 69-31
  • ColoradoW 55-23